Corey Consulting LLC

An entity created by a nurse for her fellow professional nurses, their employers, and professional organizations

Corey Consulting LLC was formed in 2006, by veteran nurse, Susan Corey. She developed the ideas for this company from the notion that the nursing profession was entering a new era, one in which nurses were given more accountability and more responsibility. Though there is no doubt positive advancements have taken place within the profession, she realized  educational supports were needed for nurses throughout the region, due to the new regulations and legislation placed on them. To provide an additional dimension of support, Corey Consulting Services (CCS) was born. CCS gives nurses the confidence to embrace the challenges of the profession, and to thrive in their work..


Susan Corey holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia University in New York City, and a Masters in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh. Susan supplemented her nursing education with several business and accounting courses.  Susan currently resides in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and serves in an Administrative position in the nursing profession.

Kathleen Corey graduated with honors from The Pennsylvania State University with a double major in Philosophy and Communications. She has been instrumental in the formation of the company’s content and structure, as well as disseminating information regarding the services available through NCEM and Corey Consulting, LLC, to nurses all across the state and beyond. She too, resides in Lebanon, PA.