Educational Services

Corey Consulting Services(CCS) is dedicated to bringing current topics of professional interest to the general population of nurses. To satisfy the requirements for licensure, all seminars and courses include respective amount of contact hours and continuing education units.

CCS is providing nurses with high quality continuing education which will improve professionalism and role functioning. Our programs are guaranteed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of nursing practice and nursing leadership.

Individual seminars will focus on nursing management topics such as

  • Conflict Resolution and Positive Communication

  • Managers: Are they Born or Formed? 

  • Update on Continuing Education Requirements and what you need to stay licensed 

  • Implementing Evidence Based Practice in your facility, in your workplace

  • Promoting Professional Respect Among Peers


Four of the most popular topics selected by Professional Nurse Clientele are:

  • Improving Customer Service skills

  • Professional Etiquette: The Antidote for Lateral Violence

  • Meditation, a Benefit for Patients and Nurses

  • Planning for relicensure under the new law for Nurse continuing education


Four of the most requested topics for Nurse Managers are:

  • Initiating Peer Review Process in your facility

  • Developing Leadership Skills

  • Using the Root Cause Analysis Process to Resolve Workplace Issues

  • Assessing Staff Competency

Our staff will travel to your facility and meet with your employees at a convenient time and in a setting most conducive to learning.
Your participation is welcome at our regional Course offerings. 
Please telephone us to obtain a list of programs and locations,
then select the program that best suits your needs.