NCEM is committed to helping your nurses prepare for licensure renewal, certification, and your own facility’s requirements for contact hours. Our professional staff interview each RN to develop an individual education plan tailored to the professional nurse's area of interest and personal needs, such as work schedule, learning preferences, and finances. Jointly, we establish goals that ensure your facility meets regulatory requirements and the nurse meets licensing standards.

Our NCEM staff coaches the nurse as they proceed through the maze of annual facility requirements, license renewal, professional membership and certification needs. A comprehensive semi-annual Professional Education Report is prepared and includes continuing education units, credits, and contact hours from online, seminar, and other accredited learning experiences. As the six month and three month target dates approach, an Alert is sent to you and the employee as a notification of the current status and remaining balance and timeline of the individual education plan.

This is a quick survey to gather some data for Corey Consulting staff.  We are working on reviewing your responses to streamlining the process of monitoring, managing, and recording of continuing education data.  It has been indicated that employers are relieved to delegate to CCS this continuous documentation and oversight task. Employees are also relieved of the responsibility to maintain details of their continuing education work in their continuing education profile. It is the intention of Corey Consulting to enable employers and their staff, organizations, and their members to use, rely on, and benefit from our services to maintain standards for educational reporting. Please take a few minutes and answer the following questions in regards to your attitude about monitoring services.  Thank you.

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