NCEM is committed to helping you, as a Professional Nurse, meet guidelines for professional licensure renewal, certification, organization requirements and employer needs, in the continuing education setting. We begin by meeting with you to perform a professional development needs assessment and then design an individual education education plan that suits your personal and professional needs. We contact you at six month intervals to reconcile contact hours plus continuing education units and determine goal status. NCEM contacts you every six months to mediate existing contact hours/CEUs and review plans for future continuing education activities. Whether you are in our Bronze, Sliver, or Gold category, you can rely on NCEM to manage your continuing education profile to meet professional requirements.

NCEM staff are committed to providing you with constant attention to licensing requirements as a Bronze member of NCEM.  If you are required to obtain continuing education units for your employer, credentialing association,  or professional association membership, then you will prefer to upgrade to the silver or gold classification.  Please select the best suited category from our drop down selection box or feel free to email our helpful staff to discuss the option you desire at


 NCEM Membership        Preferred  Status
 Gold - $39.95  Three Categories (License + 2 more)
 Silver - $29.95  Two Categories (License + 1 more)
 Bronze - $19.95  Needed for License Renewal only